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We are a family run business and have been established more than 25years. We are more than just an energy-saving double glazing company, alongside O'Rourke Glass we supply all types of standard glass, patterned glass, mirrors, greenhouse glass, shelf glass. We can supply only or we can fix it for you

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What are the benefits of having Double-Glazed Units?

  • Heat loss through single glazing will be at least halved with double glazing
  • Draughts through windows caused by sinking cooled air will be less
  • Rooms will be warmer
  • Outside noise can be reduced
  • Condensation may be reduced
  • Increases the saleability of the property
  • Savings on fuel bills
Exernally beaded double glazed window
Swish twentyfour-seven         Swish windows and Door Installer

French Door or French Windows

double_chamfered (25K)

The Swish Twentyfour-Seven window system can be used to manufacture virtually any frame for virtually any property. Its slim sculptured sightlines are designed for easy manufacture and easy clean maintenance.

The system features a five chamber 70mm front-to-back construction, that provides 2 chambers either side of the reinforcement. This prevents thermal bridging and provides excellent thermal and acoustic properties.

The system can be used to manufacture internally beaded casements, tilt/turns and French windows as well as inward and outward opening residential doors, French doors and tilt/slide patio doors.

Twentyfour-Seven is available in white, Rosewood, Rosewood-on-white, Light Oak, and Light Oak-on-white finishes.

  • Key features:
  • 70mm five chamber design throughout
  • Complete Range of window styles - internal bead casement, tilt turn, pivot and French
  • Complete Range of Door styles - French in/out residential, tilt/slide patio
  • Ovolo feature shape with easy clean angles
  • PCE low line gasket system
  • Bead to profile joint and feature edge throughout
  • Optional RCM reinforcement
  • Dedicated hardware range can be ordered with profile
  • 28mm glazing as Standard
  • Swish branded protective tape
  • Rosewood on brown and Light Oak on caramel as well as on-white foil options
  • Complete range of ancillaries